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Say Goodbye To Stress And Tension!
The SPA Rejuv Asian Massage and Spa Center in Temecula offers the perfect antidote for stress and anxiety. Our massage techniques are designed to work on the mind, body, and soul. Besides using traditional Asian massages, we also combine a variety of techniques to stimulate a healthy immune system, improve blood circulation, and promote overall health.

SPA Rejuv Asian Massage

Visit us if you are looking for the best Asian full body massage in Temecula, CA. We offer a haven of calm and comfort and would like to treat yourself for some exclusive ‘me time’!

Complete Detoxification

Did you know massage helps release toxins from the body? You don’t have to pop expensive pills or follow rigorous treatments.

Herbal & Natural

We use only plant-based and natural ingredients in our massage balm, massage oil, and other skin products.

Shower Facility Available

A warm shower before massage can help you get rid of the chlorine and other environmental polluatants.

Effective Treatments

We use the best massage spa techniques and modalities to help you improve your overall health and refresh your body. Bid adieu to stress, strain and tension!

Naturally Spa

We use only the best organic ingredients while preparing your massage oil and other skincare products. They’re locally grown and fresh!

Trained Professionals

We are a team of licensed therapists trained in a wide range of Asian massage therapies, including acupressure, Chinese Tuina, and hot stone. You are in safe hands!

Best Asian Massage Parlor in Temecula

Perfect for the mind, body, and soul

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Best Value Asian Massage

Visit Rejuv Asian Massage in Temecula, CA to relax and restore your health and wellbeing.